Session Descriptions

SESSION 1     9:00 - 9:30 am

Vendor Q & A 9:30 - 9:50 am

Building Equity for Struggling Readers with Audiobooks

Scott Burns - Learning Ally

Practical ideas for designing inclusive reading habits using human-read audiobooks providing equitable access to your classroom library.

Intro to AT for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Tim Schmidt - CABVI

New users of assistive technologies, their educators, family and friends, or anyone who may be interested in assistive technology options for the blind and visually impaired are encouraged to join this session to learn about ssistive technology options (and technology accessibility features) for the blind and visually impaired.

Morphic: Free New Open Source Tool Makes Computers Easier to Use

Gregg Vanderheiden - Raising the Floor & Trace R&D Center

Morphic is a free (contribution-based and ad-free) open-source program that makes computers and assistive technologies easier to use. Morphic makes it easier for people to discover and quickly access accessibility features that are built into computers. With a Morphic account, people can save their computer and AT settings and then apply the setup on another computer. AT users can sit down to any computer and have their AT instantly installed and disappear afterward. You can also create custom MorphicBars for yourself or very simple MorphicBars for others who have trouble or cannot use computers today. Morphic was created by the non-profit Raising the Floor, the Trace Center and an international consortium to advance digital equity beyond what was previously possible.

Working with Complex Communication Needs: The Benefits of Multiple Access Methods

Tricia McGee - Control Bionics

Access to AAC is significantly challenging for individuals with motorically complex bodies, posing unique challenges for them and the teams that serve them. In this session, we will discuss these challenges and address the many benefits of the latest flexible AAC solution from Control Bionics, the NeuroNode Trilogy. The NeuroNode Trilogy combines three access methods in one funded solution. As the client’s condition changes over time, so does their method of access. In an effort to maintain the highest level of communication speed and the lowest level of user fatigue, Control Bionics has designed a lifetime solution for this unique patient population. Join us to share your experience in working with individuals with complex communication needs and discover the flexible features packed into the latest AAC solution for this unique patient population.


SESSION 2     10:00 - 10:30 am

Vendor Q & A 10:30 - 10:50 am

Configured for Communication: A Real Time Vocabulary Review of Four Language Systems

Jennifer Monohan, Connie McCafferty, Elyse Pycraft, Michelle Mineo - PRC

The PRC language systems offer vocabulary for all age ranges and language levels, with guidance to help you select the best place to begin with your students. Meet your four regional PRC consultants and learn about each available language system in the PRC communication devices! Real time demonstrations of the following vocabularies will be included with time for questions and answers afterwards: 1) Unity/LAMP 2) Unidad 3) Wordpower 4) Essence.

BrailleSense 6 - Modern Classroom Notetaking

Earle Harrison - HIMS, Inc.

Join this presentation to learn how the BrailleSense 6 helps students and teachers get things done in the modern classroom and at home with distance education. The BrailleSense 6 is the most powerful and modern notetaker on the market today.

Hands-Free Computer Access Via Hardware-Free Head/Face Mouse

Uday Parshionikar - Perceptive Devices, LLC

Hands-free computer access typically involves installation of hardware gadgets including specialized cameras to either track head motion or eye gaze, sip-and-puff / bite / head/ foot switches, and sometimes even head-based wearables or stickers-on-face, etc. This requires involvement from a caregiver to set things up before every use. It also makes for an awkward experience for the user who may be required to wear things on their head or face, and even put things in their mouth. We utilize a simple webcam that may be already built into the user’s laptop or tablet to capture user’s head/face actions to translate to easy and precise mouse control and adaptive switch actions without the hassle of installation, set up, or wear of any hardware widgets.

Bridging the Gap Between Paper and Digital for People of All Ages with Dyslexia and Other Reading Challenges

Amanda Gray - Scanning Pens

Scanning Pens are portable text to speech devices that promote inclusive classrooms as well as self-supporting independence with distance learning by making the curriculum accessible to all. Students with reading difficulties, dyslexia, ESL and more, are empowered to reach their literacy goals as they prepare for their future! Use the ReaderPen to support your reading, define words, or scan text directly to a computer (google or word doc) for quick notes. The ReaderPen is an excellent time saving tool for teachers. Using the voice recorder feature teachers are able to record quick assessments upload the files to their PC/MAC, or record assignment instructions for students to review. Be sure to put Text-To-Speech in your IEP or 504 Plan. Visit to learn more or sign up for a Free Trial!


SESSION 3     11:00 - 11:30 am

Vendor Q & A 11:30 - 11:50 am

Using Virtual Assistants in the Classroom

Julia Wolff - Cuyahoga County Board of DD

We've all gotten use to using Alexa and Google at home but how can you use it in your classroom? This session will give concrete examples on how these virtual assistants can promote education, independence and interactions amongst your students.

Low Vision (New) Product Demonstration

Jeff Gardner & Cody Mitchell - Irie-AT

Join this session to learn about exciting new products for low vision, including the new CloverBook Pro portable, foldable video magnifier. Irie-AT has a wide range of low vision and braille products. Join us to learn about new products and find your local Irie-AT reseller for your area.

Exploring Saltillo Vocabularies: A Review of Our Most Popular Vocabulary Files.

Cecilia Marietti and Brittany Toney - Saltillo

Saltillo offers a wide variety of vocabulary files serving a multitude of individuals with diverse communication needs. Join us for an in-depth discussion and demonstration of Wordpower, MultiChat 15, and Communication Journey Aphasia. We will also highlight free resources to support your AAC communicator.

Methodologies for Designing Braille and Tactile Graphics in STEM

Dan Gardner, CEO, Lloyd Waggener, Dephena Maxwell - ViewPlus Technologies, Inc.

Nowhere for blind students is the age old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” truer than when studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. This presentation will illustrate key parts of the many solutions with hardware and software tools for leveling the playing field for blind students and allowing them to compete at the highest levels. Mixing tactile graphics, braille and ink from standard applications through a standard printer driver, enables those tasked with creating accessible diagrams to use standard applications in the Windows environment. In this presentation, the ViewPlus solution for Windows, Tiger Software Suite v7, will be demonstrated with examples showing interline text and braille, including math, from Word, plus charts from Excel and how to quickly create tactile graphics with braille. In addition, a brief overview of commercially available embossers/printers will be included along with a sneak peak of audio tactile solutions for providing tactile graphics context to assist with orientation. Participants will learn how to leverage this widely used tactile graphics tool to make informative raised line drawings for blind students.


SESSION 4     1:00 - 1:30 pm

Vendor Q & A 1:30 - 1:50 pm

How Job Coaches Can Use Technology to Work Smarter (Not Harder) During Staff Shortages

Kerri Pinger - CreateAbility Concepts, Inc.

Today, our nation’s businesses are facing staffing challenges that could serve as a catalyst in the inclusive employment movement. But how do provider agencies adequately serve clients and optimize efforts in the inclusive employment movement while experiencing employee shortages of their own? This presentation teaches both best practices and technology solutions that help job coaches streamline onboarding processes, optimize employee training time, reduce crises at the workplace, and ultimately create more satisfying and sustainable job opportunities for the clients they serve.

Text-to-Speech Devices

Deb Koogler - Magnifiers & More

Text-to-Speech is a useful option for the visually challenged and the dyslexic student. During this presentation several devices will be demonstrated. Opportunities for discussion will be available.

School Health: Your Partner in Creating Holistic Plans for Each Individual

Ray Heipp - School Health Corporation

All our students have various needs. Addressing those needs can become overwhelming when devices, other supports, and even products for creating a healthy environment come from multiple places. School Health can take some of that concern and frustration away by offering products and supports that cover all areas of our classrooms, therapy rooms, or even workplaces. Our session will focus on what we do along with some of the new products (like the Orcam Read and the Celios G200) that help our students of all abilities access information in healthy environments.

An Overview of Assistive Technology of Ohio

Gaye Spetka & Bill Darling - Assistive Technology of Ohio

This session will consist of a presentation of services and programs offered by Assistive Technology of Ohio and would be of interest to anyone with a disability, family members, or assistive technology professionals.


SESSION 5     2:00 - 2:30 pm

Vendor Q & A 2:30 - 2:50 pm

Your Favorite Accessibility Tools for Reading and Writing Will Now Be Your Favorite Classroom Productivity Tool!

Michele Christensen - Don Johnston, Inc.

A good percentage of your instructional materials are probably PDFs, they are a reliable and usable staple of modern education. Whether you’re delivering instruction in person or virtually, eLearning tools and managing resources digitally is fundamental to any classroom scenario. While PDFs ensure the document you’ve created for your students will look exactly as you intended, PDFs have been traditionally less than accessible and interactive. The good news is that Snap & Read’s PDF Toolkit breaks through those limitations, even some which exist in Google Classroom, to provide you and your students with a truly interactive, accessible productivity tool. It’s so seamless, you’ll probably want to create all of your PDF assignments in Snap & Read! This session will also cover the amazing features of Co:Writer. We’re excited for Speak after Speech-to-Text to join the varied and intuitive array of tools that Co:Writer offers its writers. With access to 4 million Topic Dictionaries to help select on-topic vocabulary in most any area of study, finely tuned speech-to-text, and the newfound ability to help students edit their work, Co:Writer can help redirect your student from that unplanned and shockingly cold trip to Iceland, back to the warm, sandy beach experience they were trying to write about in the first place.

Reinforcement Gamified Learning Apps for Students for Pre-K to High School

Marty Schultz - ObjectiveEd

Learn about our popular Orientation & Mobility, Assistive Technology, Braille Literacy and Transition reinforcement curriculum that students can use on most mobile devices, connected to a web-dashboard for you to configure and monitor your student’s progress.

AAC Simplified: An Overview of Speech Generating Devices, Access, and Evaluations

Abbey Warner - Talk To Me Technologies

The presentation involves a demonstration and discussion of the software and hardware features of several devices including the Wego 5A, 7A, 10A, & 13A, the WegoWrite, and the Zuvo10, 12, and 16 speech generating devices with eyespeak cameras. This session will provide an introduction to hardware, software, accessories, and access options available. This session will provide software and device updates regarding what’s new with TTMT and explain how to initiate support for your evaluation and trial process.

A Look at Humanware Products

Brian Goemmer - Lab Computers, Inc.

This session will provide a look at new blind and low vision technology from Humanware. There have been multiple updates and 2 new products recently released by Humanware. During this presentation we will discuss these and answer any questions you might have. 

SESSION 6     3:00 - 3:30 pm

Vendor Q & A 3:30 - 3:50 pm

Innovation that Sets up Communication Success with Avaz AAC

Narayanan Ramakrishan & Nayantara Nambiar - Avaz, Inc.

Avaz AAC is an award-winning, picture and text-based AAC app that is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It supports 15+ languages and is used in more than 94 countries around the world. Narayanan Ramakrishnan, CEO of Avaz, will give you a walkthrough of Avaz AAC’s user-friendly features that aid communication success. Explore its robust language system that supports the literacy acquisition and communication autonomy of AAC users. Witness heartwarming real-life examples of the impact of Avaz AAC on its users around the globe.

Vision Solutions for All Students

Michael Wood - Vispero

In this session we will share information on low vision and blindness technology that will help all low vision and blind students in your school. We talk about hardware and software, guide you through our training modules and share information about our Student of The Month Program.

Technology + Equity = Techquity

Marc Callahan - Texthelp

Kids get stuck everyday. For Techquity to work, assistive tools should be available for all students to use as needed. Read&Write supports ELL, GenEd and SpEd students in every curricular area. With over 20 beneficial tools in one toolbar, Read&Write assists with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work. This session focuses on how to best empower learners to independently utilize UDL tools for success by sharing proven strategies for implementing tool usage into daily instruction. Session attendees receive free access to the premium version of Read&Write.

Fun, Funky, Fully Accessible Apps That Run in the Browser

Joe Jorgenson - Accessibyte

Touch typing, flash cards, tests, study tools and games by Accessibyte will be discussed. Learn about the built-in accessilibity and how these distance education tools can be used at home, school, or anywhere.