Sample Breakout Sessions

SESSION 1     9:15 - 10:00 am

Latest Updates from OrCam! Breakthrough Solutions for People with Low Vision and Reading Difficulties 

Aliza Olenick - OrCam

The wearable lightweight OrCam MyEye lets the user enjoy the morning paper, read any book, know what’s on the menu, recognize loved ones, shop on their own, and live a more independent life! And now introducing the OrCam MyEye PRO, with the brand new revolutionary features: Smart Reading (only in English), which allows to instantly read the exact text the user wants, and Orientation (in beta), which identifies and guides to objects in the user's surroundings. Our 2nd device, the OrCam Read, allows you to read any printed or digital text at the press of a button. With this assistive technology, people with low vision or reading difficulties receive barrier-free access to a wide range of reading materials.

Getting to Know Saltillo

Cecilia Marietti & Brittany Toney - PRC-Saltillo

This session will introduce you to the Saltillo Brand and its communication solutions (i.e., NOVA Chat, Touch Chat Express, our new Via Pro and the TouchChat App). Participants will learn about the different vocabulary options available, which can easily be customized to meet your client’s needs. A demonstration of customization and use of the devices will be included. Key software and hardware features will be discussed. Participants will also learn about the many free resources Saltillo offers including the Chat Editor companion software, online implementation materials, funding support, webinars, and more!

Choosing the Proper Tools for the Stages of Life in our Exceptional Individuals

Dr. Raymond Heipp - School Health Corporation

As neuro-typical individuals move through various stages of life, they use the tools which are most appropriate for their age and activities. As we work with our exceptional individuals, we often find that once a tool has been found to work, we have them stay with it throughout their lives. In some cases, this might be appropriate. In other cases, it may actually inhibit continued growth and the ability to live as independently as possible. This session will focus on the various stages of life for our Exceptional Individuals and look at the tools which may be most appropriate during each stage and how to build in a natural transitioning from tool to tool.

Using Technology to Help With Vocational Readiness in Ohio

Lana Ridge & James Brinton - Eyegaze, Inc.

Utilizing Ohio's Employment First focuses, Attendees will learn about various technologies that can assist students as they prepare to transition to the work force. Technologies discussed will include home automation technology, single button communication, switches and eye gaze technology to help students hone critical skills and assist them in vocational readiness.


SESSION 2     10:15 - 11:00 am

Staying Up-To-Date on Assistive Technology

Ted Klopp - Westminster Technologies

In this session, participants will see demonstrations of various forms of assistive technology. We will also offer suggestions on how best to utilize these items in a classroom or therapy room. Areas of focus will include Communication, Device Access, Learning Tools and more.

Supporting ALL Learners with Read&Write

Marc Callahan - Texthelp

When literacy is a barrier for learners, it affects them in every environment. Join us for a dynamic discussion about using Read&Write, a universally designed literacy toolbar, to remove literacy and learning barriers, while helping students become more self-directed, strategic and resourceful learners. In this session you will gain practical ways to use Read&Write in your daily practices and identify ways to help make your students and families more resource-aware.

Mounting Made Easy

Maggie Mahoney - Rehadapt North America

A proper mounting solution is a critical component for the success of assistive technology systems. Most computers, access methods, or communication aids will only be successful if mounted and positioned appropriately. However, those making assistive technology recommendations often overlook the importance of mounting. Fortunately, mounting does not have to be stressful or complicated. There are many universal solutions designed to work with virtually any switch, tablet or speech-generating device. And there are specific and individualized solutions tailored to meet the needs of all users. Most importantly, there are resources, technologies, services and support to help! Rehadapt is making it easier than ever to ensure your assistive technology is mounted perfectly. Join us in this session to examine the needs and requirements for mounting different assistive technologies with a focus on mounting speech generating devices, access methods (ie: switches), iPads, tablets, and phones. Explore different mounting solutions that allow users to access assistive technologies both in and out of wheelchairs in multiple environments. Utilize the latest in technology to find the exact solution for your specific needs.

Teletherapy Support for AAC

Arbaaz Gowher - Avaz Inc.

This presentation will be a walkthrough of how Avaz Live, a feature inbuilt on the Avaz AAC app, can enable remote speech therapy between an SLP/SPED teacher and a child. With this, a therapist is able to practice sentences, add vocabulary & modify settings of the child's iPad with a remote connection, along with a video interface that allows the therapist to see if the child is practicing the sentences after them. Given the current situation, where 1:1 speech therapy sessions are impossible, this is a good solution for the same.


SESSION 3     11:15 - noon

Come Virtually Tour the CLE - Custom Living Environment

Julia A. Wolf - Cuyahoga County Board of DD

The Cuyahoga County Board of DD has created a Custom Living Environment - The CLE. In this apartment, different types of assistive technology is set up and ready to be utilized. This presentation will be a video tour of the CLE with each product described.

Creating Meaningful and Differentiated Choice Making Opportunities

Emily Wallace & Nigel Wallace - Inclusive TLC

In this session, we consider the skill of choice making and how to promote this skill with students. We discuss the cognitive skill of making a choice, considering the basic understandings that are required for choice-making and presenting a progression of steps to teach the skills. We outline a detailed, step-by-step roadmap for developing choice making skills, beginning with very early cause and effect responses and progressing all the way to making complex choices from multiple on-screen, abstract options. As we follow this progression, we consider how to implement appropriate practice opportunities at each stage, considering a variety of different practice methods and use a wide assortment of AT devices to develop skills at each level and advance in the progression, accounting for individual needs based on both physical and cognitive abilities.

Bridging the Gap Between No-Tech/Low-Tech and High-Tech AAC

Glen Dobbs & Gary Tilbe - LoganTech

You've heard about no-tech/low-tech and you've heard about high-tech AAC devices. Some individuals are unable to successfully and effectively use a dynamic screen device even though they've mastered their low-tech system. What's in between? How can we build to further their communication ability while keeping them engaged? Join LoganTech as we explain how to bridge this gap and continue to foster meaningful communication while doing so. 

From Cause & Effect to Early Communication

RJ Cooper - RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc.

Many times professionals and/or parents attempt using advanced AAC apps for their 'early' child. This results in failure sometimes. AT pioneer RJ Cooper will demonstrate a progression with milestones to guide a learner on this path.


SESSION 4     1:00 - 1:45 pm

Tips and Strategies to Support Teletherapy and Hybrid or Distance Learning

Beth Poss & Bill Binko - LessonPix

Teletherapy and distance learning have become part of our educational and therapeutic landscape in the wake of COVID 19. Even as we begin to move back into school buildings, a flexible, hybrid approach to student learning will be necessary in this quickly changing world. This session will explore how LessonPix can be used to create visual supports, communication resources, and curriculum materials for use by educators, AT practitioners, SLPs and OTs that can quickly and easily be adapted for use with remote learning tools. As educators, therapists, and assistive technology practitioners look for effective ways to be able to pivot between in person and virtual learning and to make their remote sessions more interactive, we can harness the power of collaborative learning platforms and tools including Zoom, Google Meet, MS Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Jamboard, and Microsoft Whiteboard along with LessonPix to meet the learning needs of students with disabilities. Learn how to quickly create custom learning materials that can be used in the physical or virtual classroom. We will look at ways to design resources so that they can be shared in print or used interactively on screen. We will also examine best practices for engaging students in effective online learning and supporting the challenges of a hybrid learning environment.

Working with Complex Communication Needs: The Benefits of Multiple Access Methods

Tricia McGee - Control Bionics

Access to AAC is significantly challenging for individuals with motorically complex bodies, posing unique challenges for them and the teams that serve them. In this session, we will discuss these challenges and address the many benefits of the latest flexible AAC solution from Control Bionics, the NeuroNode Trilogy. The NeuroNode Trilogy combines three access methods in one funded solution. As the client’s condition changes over time, so does their method of access. In an effort to maintain the highest level of communication speed and the lowest level of user fatigue, Control Bionics has designed a lifetime solution for this unique patient population. Join us to share your experience in working with individuals with complex communication needs and discover the flexible features packed into the latest AAC solution for this unique patient population.

Tear Down Reading Barriers with Bookshare!

Lara Rondberg - Bookshare / Benetech

Reading brings great rewards for some, but for others it is a painstaking activity. With the right tools, even those who loathe reading can become avid readers, first by learning to read effectively, then reading to learn, and soon becoming lifelong learners. Equipped with stronger literacy skills, these individuals can actively pursue the educational and career advancement opportunities that await them. Learn how assistive reading technologies remove barriers by helping people with various learning differences to read in ways that work for them. Participants will be able to: describe how to access and use a variety of assistive reading technologies for people who read differently; explain the unique characteristics of these technologies and the types of learners who will benefit from each one; and explain the benefits of Bookshare, a key source of accessible ebooks for people who experience reading barriers.

Access, Accommodate & Accelerate: Building Independent Readers with Capti in Remote and Hybrid Settings

Erica Aquila - Capti Voice (Charmtech Labs)

This fall, more than ever - teachers need quick just-in-time reading diagnostic data to identify areas of “COVID Slide” in reading, as well as tools for accommodating students with special needs - this fall Teachers need Capti™ with ETS ReadReady™. Learn how Capti™ with ReadReady™ can help you quickly assess proficiency in 6 key reading components, and provide reading accommodations and supports in remote or hybrid learning environments . Best of all, ETS ReadReady™ works with your existing reading interventions, no need to adopt a whole new reading series! And when you add in Capti™, you immediately provide an assistive technology designed to remove barriers to comprehension for struggling readers - all at a budget-friendly cost. In this webinar, you will also learn how you can help your students achieve independence in reading while remote learning in every subject, every day.


SESSION 5     2:00 - 2:45 pm

EMPOWER Hour: What's New with PRC

Jennifer Monahan, Elyse Pycraft, Michelle Mineo and Connie McCafferty - PRC-Saltillo

Are you ready to Empower? PRC is excited to introduce our new Empower software for the Accent line of products. Empower is quick, simple, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-teach. This product training will provide participants with an overview of the software. It will cover where it is available, who is it for, and other frequently asked questions. In addition, people will experience the clean, modern interface while learning about the new Toolbox, Editor, and Vocabulary Builder. As always, Empower comes with the top notch PRC support and implementation resources you rely on.

Exploring Continuing Education and Graduate School in Assistive Technology

Brittany Joseph - Bowling Green State University Online AT Graduate Degree

This presentation will describe the variety of options offered by Bowling Green State University to continue your education in the field of assistive technology. Whether you are looking to learn a little more about assistive technology or gain a graduate certificate or even complete your masters degree, we can help you better understand what will best meet your needs in this session. All of our programs are fully online and can be completed while you are working full time in your present career.

Providing Strong Communication Support During Distance Learning with CoughDrop

Scot Wahlquist, Brian Whitmer - CoughDrop

Distance learning and telepractice have become a standard feature for many families and professionals who support communication growth. Encouraging alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) use and progress can be difficult in person and even more of a challenge through distance learning. This session will introduce you to features and functions of AAC that can help communication teams stay connected and moving forward even when they cannot spend time working together in person.

n2y's Total Solution for Every Learning Environment 

Chrissy Stohl & Alan Furey - n2y

n2y’s total solution helps manage the complex needs of your job whether you are teaching remotely or from the classroom - with dual access you can focus on your students in every environment. Ensuring participation in everyday learning, and elevating student outcomes, all while developing a path of independence. Join the total solution and make n2y the comprehensive solution for your unique learning environment.


SESSION 6     3:00 - 3:45 pm

Hands-Free Head Mouse & Switch Access for AAC & Computer Controls 

Uday Parshioikar - Perceptive Devices, LLC

Do you help people who need to control their devices without the use of hands or voice? E.g. Computers, AAC applications or Speech Generation Devices? If yes, check out Smyle Mouse -- the award-winning and patented software for hands-free and voice-free control. We will present how one can achieve hands-free control without any specialized hardware equipment such as head mice, eye trackers, wearables or even adaptive switches (such as bite, sip-and-puff, head switches). Smyle Mouse software provides an easy way to control your device via a webcam using simple face gestures.

APP2Speak® - A Photo-Based Speech and Communication Software Application

Gina Baldwin - App2Speak®

APP2Speak® is an easy-to-use photo-based AAC software app available on iOS and Android. It is fully customizable by integrating your own photos, take a photo within the app and record a familiar voice for personalization. APP2Speak is your “go to” communication app for home and community. This session will provide the audience an overview of why I designed and created APP2Speak, who can benefit from the app and provide a demonstration of APP2Speak.

EVS Makes Learning Portable

Beverly Watkins - Enhanced Vision

Join me as I review the newest products with Enhanced Vision System. The Merlin Mini is an ideal solution for students who require magnification in different areas and learning environments. This device is easily portable with the foldable design. It is easy to take the unit with you or to store when not in use. The Transformer HD is our high performance portable CCTV with the full HD 1080p 3-in-1 camera, Wi-Fi and optional OCR. This device connects to your laptop, desktop, tablet or monitor. The Smart Reader HD offers the advantage of a built-in HD camera and OCR. It enables individuals to read by listening along or by attaching a monitor to view the text. Users are able to view in color, enhanced high-contrast positive or negative modes, allowing for higher contrasts and easier viewing. With easy-to-use buttons and dials, customers can enlarge or reduce the text in seconds and change viewing options for easier visibility.

Vizzle: Technology to Support Student Growth In and Out of the Classroom

Courtney Monastra - Vizzle

This sesession is a discussion about the challenges and solutions in implementing a remote/blended learning model in special education. We will highlight Vizzle as a resource for instructing, engaging, and personalizing learning in and out of the classroom. Accountability is key; see data used to promote growth for teachers and students in our new age of learning.