Breakout Sessions

SESSION 1     9:45 - 10:30 am

Low Vision & Blindness Hardware and Software Available Through APH Quota Funds

Room 111
Michael Wood - VFO

In this session we will discuss how to obtain JAWS, ZoomText, Fusion, MAGic and the handheld Video Mag HD video magnifier from the American Printing House for the Blind using Quota Funds or by ordering directly from APH without using Quota Funds. We will teach you some of the basic functions of JAWS (Job Access with Speech) screen reader, ZoomText, Fusion which brings you both JAWS and ZoomText working together, and MAGic (screen magnification) software.

Using PBS Resources to Address the Needs of Diverse Learners

Room 122
Debbie Brewer - WOUB Learning Lab

A look at PBS Learning Media and discussion of how it can be used as a resource for diverse learners.


SESSION 2     10:45 - 11:30 am

Different Students, Different Systems

Room 111
Jennifer Monahan - Prentke Romich Company

An overview of PRC Products, product lines, language systems, and access methods will be shared. Common solutions for different clients will be discussed along with a summary and time for questions.

Changing the Lives of Learners with ASD

Room 122
Tedd Klopp - Westminster Technologies

Demonstration of Milo and the Robots4Autism Program which offers a curriculum specifically designed for learners on the Autism spectrum. Research showing the benefits of this curriculum will also be discussed.


SESSION 3     12:50 - 1:35 pm

Beyond Requesting - I Have More to Say!

Room 111
Megan Rowles - Tobii Dynavox

Participants will be able to list 3 communicative functions beyond requesting and 2 partner communication strategies that move AAC communicators beyond requesting. This session will outline a plan to teach at least one communicative function to an individual using AAC in an everyday setting. Communication competencies in AAC, writing goals, vocabulary selection and communication partner strategies will be addressed. There will be time set aside for questions and answers.

Addressing the Sensory Needs of All Students

Room 122
Dr. Raymond T. Heipp - School Health Corporation

This session will focus on the sensory needs of all students through AT and activities. Approaches within the classroom will be discussed as to create an understanding of how AT tools and holistic activities can be most effectively used. An analysis of proper evaluation will be presented so as to recommend the best tools for the individual and the group as a whole. Finally, a variety of tools within the various sensory categories will be demonstrated in a hands-on manner to give a greater depth of understanding to what the tools are and how they can be best used.


SESSION 4     1:50 - 2:35 pm

Free Resources from AbleNet You Need to Know About

Room 111
Jamison Hensley - AbleNet, Inc.

Identifying the AT tools you need and the best ways to get them.

Tracking Data for IEPs

Room 122
Bob Gephart and Courtney Monastra - Monarch Teaching Technologies

This session will discuss an innovative way to automatically track data for IEPs.  Vizzle was created based on significant research and evidence demonstrating the efficacy of an interactive visual language approach to educating students with special needs.  For students, Vizzle provides a useful tool to help reinforce, refresh and review learned concepts in and outside of the classroom. For teachers, therapists and administrators, Vizzle monitors student progress by automatically tracking and recording student data as they work through standards-aligned lessons. Students can work in a customized learning environment that includes automatic text-to-speech, screen reader and switch accessibility. Participants in this session will learn about the specialized features and instructional activities in the Vizzle app and how they can be applied into everyday instruction and assessment.